Inventory Management

When we first visit, we’ll make a list of all your machines and where they are located in the business and then take inventory of your current on-hand supplies. After the meeting we would send you the inventory management sheet, price list and list of any possible supplies for retired machines.

Cartridge Xchange has been servicing customers in the tri-state area since 1998.

Perhaps we should talk if you answer Yes to any of the questions below:

  • Do you ever run out of toner and ink supplies at critical times?
  • Do co-workers put the empty toner & ink cartridges back into the supply closet?
  • Have people forgotten to tell you that they used the last one?
  • Ever paid for overnight shipping or had to run out to get supplies on your lunch?
  • Are you stuck with toner & Ink cartridges from retired printers that your current vendor will not take back for credit?
  • Are you paying too much for your toner supplies?
  • Would you like an easier way to recycle your empty toner cartridges?
  • Answered Yes to any of the above? Call us about our Free program that prevents these issues!

We offer:

  • -Free Delivery
  • -No Cost Pick-up of Empties for Recycling
  • -No Minimum Order
  • -No Contracts to Sign
  • -100% Guarantee Satisfaction
  • -Free Toner & Ink Inventory Management
  • -Lifetime Return Policy – Never be Stuck with Supplies from Retired Printers
  • -Approved WASCO Vendor since 1998